Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Plastic Flowers - How to

Hello and nice day to you! It`s raining today in Moscow. I had some time to make a plastic flowers to decorate my balcony Garden  and How-to for you :o) And Voila!
Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva

Natalia Glazacheva

 Natalia Glazacheva
1. You`ll need for this project:
   plastics for recycling
2. Cut a piece of plastic
3. Make five cuts
4. Cut each petal
5. Heat the plastic on the flame to deform it (each petal separately), but be careful not too much :o)
6. Coat your flower with acrylic colours

With this flowers you can create a lighting - garland for your garden too. Hope all of you have a nice week with lot of sun and flowers :o)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Nice day to all of you who came to visit me here :o) Some sweet pictures to share with you. My sweet daughter bought for me those beautiful peonies :o)
Thank you, my Sweetie !
I love you so!

And here is the sweet birdie that live in our birdhouse :o)
Thanks to all of you for visiting me here, for reading and for your kind words that make my day :o)
Wish you have a lot of sweet moments this week

Monday, May 21, 2012

Russian Giveaway

Hello and very Welcome! Today is a GIVEAWAY DAY!!! And today`s giveaway contains some Russian souvenirs: fancy tin, handmade and hand-painted wooden spoon and birdie - magnet :o)
To enter you need:

1.Follow my blog
2.Leave a comment on this post (please, write me your e-mail address to let you know if you win)

Giveaway is open until June 11th. Everyone can participate, old and new followers. On the 12th of June one of my kids will pick the winning number (only one winner). Winner will be announced immediately via e-mail as well as post.
I would appreciate it if you would link my giveaway to your blog :o)
Thank you for stopping by and Good Luck!
With lot of love from RUSSIA

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Drawing

Hello! How are you? Hope you all are fine and have a very nice day :o) We have a grey day here in Moscow by now. But it`s time to stay at home and create. I drew a card this time and want to ask what do you think about it. I made this card at school with kids and later I drew some elements:

It`s light blue on the cover. Sorry, it`s not possible to make a good picture right now. Would you like to accept a card like this one day?
Thank you for stopping by my blog, for reading, for leaving your sweet comments. I enjoy reading them so. Thank you, thank you again.
Have a very sweet weekend

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Balcony Garden in May

Hello and a happy day to you! Today we have a grey day here in Moscow and a bit cold + 13 dgr C. But I found seeing a flowers and some veggies in my small garden very uplifting  :o)
Thank you for visiting me here, for reading and for leaving your kind comments. I love to read them.
Have a very happy week

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Balcony Garden

Hello, there! How are you? Hope all of you have a warm and sunny weather like I have by now in Moscow : +16 C, sun :o)
I`m so happy to see all this flowers, birds, leaves and blue skies. And this spring I started for the first time my balcony garden. My small garden have some flowers, strawberries, tomatoes, salads, carrots, basil, rosemary, cucumbers, zucchini, peas and even a birdhouse with a lovely birds ( Pied Flycatcher) in the and even a busy bees. 

Hope you liked this tour :o) And here some pictures of Spring in Moscow:

Thanks to all of you for visiting, reading and leaving comments :o) You are the best.
Have a very sunny and warm weekend with your Families and friends

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Spring in Moscow

Hi, to everyone of you who still came to visit me here in a small part of blogland! So nice to be back :o) I have some April pictures to share with you:

 My husband made this birdhouse with my 6 years old son.  I like it very much. It looks perfect isn`t it? And by now we have two sweet birds in the :o) They are very busy to make there nest right now. I`ll publish some pictures of those birdies in my next post :o)
 Some peonies for my birthday :o) Love`em soooooo much! Such a beautiful flowers :o) Aren`t they? What do you think?
 Wish you have a very nice day :o)