Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hello, lovelies! I`m back but only for a very short time :o) My first trip to Germany finished very successfully. I and my middle daughter visited Germany for a medical treatment. And all well that ends well :o) No special medical care is needed for my sweet daughter, only physiotherapy and gymnastic :o)  And that`s great! I`ve planned for this autumn another trip to Italy with all my Family :o) I will miss you my dear friends. My 3G is not so good to visit your so interesting blogs during my trip :o( Hope you`ll forgive me. For you my pictures from beautiful Germany:

Thank you so much for visiting me here, for leaving your kind comments and for following me too :o) Very warm welcome to Jacqui at Angels,love,health and happiness, Andrea at Werkelbude, Nicole at Shabby Chic and more, Laure at La maison de Laure, Teresa at Flor do Campo Atelier, Oliya at Cozy Corner, Lia at House of Seasons, Sandy at Stitches and etc., Sarah at Down by the sea
With lot of love from Russia