Monday, October 22, 2012

Photography in manual mode and nice award

Hello, lovelies! How are you? Hope you all are well and have a nice start of the week :o) Here in Moscow a bit cold and we`re expected snow this week. So we`ll need some scarfs, hot tea with large small piece of baking and more lighting during the dark season. But I do love this time. And the most important reason to love this season is... preparations for Christmas! So magic time!!! For me it`s the most joyful part of the year :o) Lovely lightings, yummy dishes, handmade decorations, homemade sweets, festive and bright wrapping, lot of brilliant ideas... and so much job full of joy and fun :o) And what about you? What do you think?
I`m already started my preparations for Christmas. I want to make a great pics of my Christmas tree, of my kids and of my Christmas makes, of course :o) So I start to learn more about photography in manual mode. And the best way to make it - is practise. Here they are some pictures in manual mode again:
ISO 800   f5,6   1/2000

ISO 800  f8  1/800

ISO 800  f8  1/800

ISO 800  f5,6  1/2000

ISO 800  f10  1/800

ISO 800  f6,3  1/640

ISO 800  f5,6  1/500

ISO 800  f5,6  1/2000

ISO 800  f5,6  1/200

ISO 800  f5,6  1/100

ISO 1600  f5,6  1/100

ISO 1600  f5,6  1/100

ISO 800  f5,6  1/125

Nice news!!! I was awarded by sweet Angelica at Decora y Adora with Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much Angelica :o)

And the difficult part is choose some blogs I love to pass the award. Here are some of them:

Audrey Finch
Heart and Soul
Maria Glazacheva

But there are much more blogs I love and I`d like to award :o) If you`re not in list, please don`t be upset. It will be another award and more blogs I love ;o)

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Wishing you all the best for this week my dear friends

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hello, dear friends
In my part of world comes deep yellow Autumn. It`s cold now in Moscow by this time of year and no sun, but still beautiful. Nature is the best picture in any season, isn`t it? Hope your week goes well and autumn brighten your days :o)
This time I`ve tried a new cam setting - all manual. And I found this setting much better than Auto/Middle auto ones. What do you think? Some pictures for you:

Last flowers at my Balcony Garden. Cornflowers are still fresh and bright :o)

Thank you so much for stopping by, for reading and for leaving your kind comments. I love to read your sweet messages :o)
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Wonderful autumn to you all

Monday, October 15, 2012

Buona Italia

Hello, lovelies! Today I would like to share with you a nice place that I`ve visited last time in Italy :o) First of all I must admit that it`s a bit wild and quiet place , so to go there you must get a car :o) It`s a really nice place situated close to Oliena, Sardegna and has the most beautiful landscapes I ever saw. And  delicious homemade food and fantastic vino di casa ))) So here it is Agriturismo Guthiddai (please click to see the web) :
Picture from

Picture from

Picture from

Picture from
Picture from
by Maria Glazacheva

But I know some of you would like to taste delicious Italian food right now, so you can order some typical products at Esca on-line shop. My favorites are: Pesche marmellata, Canestrini albicocca, Savoiardi, Pane Carasau (panificio Sagheddu), Vino Cannonau and more, and more. You just need to taste these yummiest sweets, biscuits, breads and vines )))
Thanks to all of you my lovely friends for visiting me here, for leaving your kind comments that make my day and for following me too :o)
Lot of love from Russia

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Hello, my dear friends! How are you? Hope you all are well :o) I`m back and very glad that you came to visit me here at small part of blogland :o) I`ve had a lovely vacation in Italy with my Family and having so much to share with you :o) Italy is always so stunning like a dreamland. For me every single day in Italy is full of life, sun, clear sea, joyful plants, real food, fantastic views, great people, sweet air and olive`s smell everywhere. This is what means Italy for me))) And here you are some pictures of beautiful Italy for you:

During my trip I was awarded by sweet Alessandra at homemade@myplace with Liebster Award :o) So nice to chose me )))) I`m so pleased )))) Thank you my friend!

And following the simple rules I must to chose 5 new discovered blogs to passing the award to them. So, here they are:
1.Linda at lawsonplace
2.Sarah at Down by the Sea
3.Sandy at Stitches and etc.
4.Lia at House of Seasons
5.Oliya at Cozy Corner

Thanks to all of you who stay here for a while for reading and commenting. Wishing you all the best with lot of love from Russia )))