Monday, December 24, 2012


Hello, my dear readers, lovely followers and kind visitors! Thank you so much for leaving your warm and kind massages for me :o) I`m so touched, lovely ladies! Sorry for my outing of blogging. I`m really miss you all! There were some reasons for being off line. First of all I changed my apartment and I`ve spend about a month for moving :0) and right now I`m repairing my( not main, but only for rent) new apartment. So it was a time without any internet in my life but very busy. Hope to finish all my repairing stories soon :o)
And first of all I want to ask you "How are you doing? " Hope all of you are well and have a really great and sweet time right now :o) Sadly I was not able even to read your lovely blogs, but will visit you soon to find a lot of great ideas, sweet massages and cute pictures. I promise ;o)
Warmest and best wishes to you my dears for this Christmas with love from all my heart. Wishing to you a lot of happiness, fun and joy :o) Some pictures for you (Christmas 2011):

Wishing you have a *** Magical Christmas ***
With lot of love from Russia