Friday, January 25, 2013


Hello dear friends! Sorry for being such a bad blogger, my lovelies. I was out of blogging again, but I was not well for that time. I have a very nice news to share with you. I'm expecting of my 5th child :0) and look where are we now:

SheInspires Digisigs and Countdowns

Our repairing stories still lasts. So I need a lot of energy to have done everything and everywhere in my new home :0) And all I want it's sleep and sleep again :0) Thank you all for your lovely and sweet messages to me, it's such a joy to have this conversation with you. Thank you for staying here with me, it's such a treat for me. Hope to see you soon again :0) Hope you'll forgive me my absence and hope I could find more time for blogging.

Send you a lot of love from cold Moscow and best wishes for coming weekend :0)
Natasha & Fam