Friday, February 07, 2014

Make a Wish

Hello dear readers, sweet followers and lovely guests! Here in Moscow we have no sun, some snow and -6 dgr C, not very cold (past week -20 dgr C), but still no spring's signs. What about your part? I wish I could grow some plants this year :0) And your plans for the coming Spring?
I've realised some of my plans for the February :0) and feel so proud of myself :0) Some makes for my son and for my daughter's friend to share with you:

Close-up of the Flower Purse by Natalia Glazacheva

Handmade Card and Flower Purse by Natalia Glazacheva

Flower Purse by Natalia Glazacheva

Handmade Card by Natalia Glazacheva

Craft stuff by Natalia Glazacheva

Close-up of the decorative element for the wrapping by Natalia Glazacheva


Thank you SO MUCH for reading, leaving your kind messages to me and for following me as well. I'm SO GLAD you are here! All your comments to me are very important and they really make my day! THANK YOU!!! Sorry for being such a bad blogger, I don't have enough time to visit your lovely blogs and comment on your wonderful and interesting posts. Every time I'm trying to leave a comment I hear something like: "Mum!" or "A-a-a!". So please, don't think I don't want to talk to you anymore or I forget about your message :0) Ok? I remember all of you and really glad that you still remember me and came again here to my small part of blogland. Thank you again for all your kind words! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Wishing you all the best for the coming weekend
Natasha & Fam